The Pioneers: The outfit

Here is shown the outfit used by Bruhn and Hammer.
In total there were only made 50 sets of this unique design.

MOD Pattern Room in Nottingham had one set on display, but they are closed by now.

As can be seen the outfit is composed of a British standard belt M/37, and on this is mounted a plate, on which the Pistol, a Colt 1903, is fastened. On the trigger is mounted a "Bowden-cable" leading up the arm to the hand where a clamp fastened to he thumb holds the remote trigger. As shown the Pistol can even be fired with raised hands.


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From the Danish Police Journal "Danske Politi Efterretninger" dated 7 januar 1942.

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This outfit was produced in London 1941/42 by the Soho weapon shop Wilkes Bros.


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