The Pioneers: SOE

Special Operations Executive - SOE - was established in the Summer 1940, and so was the Danish section in November 1940.

Through the entire period of the war the Danish section was lead by the British Commander Ralf Hollingworth.

The purpose of this extreme secret organization was to support Resistance organizations in the countries occupied by the German Forces by deployment of agents into the enemy territory. Agents were trained in England in a number of STS - Special Training Schools - a training including weapons handling, explosives, parachute jumping, and "security".

Before the agents were sent to their operation area they spent few days in one of the seized manor houses. The first two Danish agents, Bruhn and Hammer, spent 2 days in Audley End House, where they relaxed before the action.


STS 61, Audley End House

Unknown agent



The outfit

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