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Danish STENguns: Holger Danske, photos from the production


Here in the basement below the "Hørkramforretning" (Drysalter) in Copenhagen, the later Holger Danske members started their work with weapons.


Here you see the production manager from Holger Danske, Marius Foss, at the working table. The picture is from Hiort Lorenzensgade (Hiort Lorenzen street) in Copenhagen, where Holger Danske had a workshop for a while.


Marius Foss borrowed a STENgun from a friend, who was a member of BOPA. He disassembled the gun and made sketches of all the parts. A mechanical Engineer living next door and working at the national railway company, made the production drawings. The parts were described as parts for aquarium pumps and the drawings came from a company called The Petersen Bros. Here is one of the drawings called "Rocker Arm for Relay". As can be seen it is actually the STEN trigger! On the drawing is placed one of the finished parts. The Petersen Bros. was of course a nonexistent company.


The Holger Danske weapon shop produced magazines as well, and from the start they borrowed the tool during the night, and handed them back in the morning. The tools were for the Suomi sub machine gun. Later on they had their own tool.


Klik for stort billede

Here is an example of the Fossgun with a pistol grip.


Marius Foss with the Christian name Ejgil Skov Jørgensen is here seen in 1999.


Frihedsrådets udstilling 1945 - klik for at se mere!From the exhibition in 1945


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