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The Danish Stenguns: Holger Danske

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The Holger Danske weaponshop produced 150 copies of the STENgun in the period 1943 - 1945.
The initiative for the shop were taken by "Berg" and "Foss" as early as 1942, when they started with repair jobs on pistols. At this time they were members of "The Students Intelligence Service". They trained arms usage in the Copenhagen Rifle Corps. They joined Holger Danske in 1943. The weapon shop had at least 6 different hide-outs. The production manager, Marius Foss, numbered his weapons with a "J" and a number from 10.000 and counting downwards. His real name was Ejgil Skov Jørgensen, and the "J" meant Jørgensen.


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Frihedsrådets udstilling 1945 - klik for at se mere!From the exhibition in 1945


Holger Danske


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