Danish STENguns: Filialen

Employees in the firm of contractors Monberg & Thorsen produced more than 200 copies of the STEN. They started in the workshops in the outskirts of Copenhagen, and moved later to a small building called "Filialen" - The Branch. The weapons were delivered to "Holger Danske" and later to some of the military sections.

The Butt for the "Filialalen-STEN."


Klik for stort billede

A staff member from Filialen with a STEN and a Babygun.


Klik for stort billede

The stolen barrels were shortend to fit the wanted length for the STEN. The remaining piece of the barrel was used for the new designed Babygun.


Frihedsrådets udstilling 1945 - klik for at se mere!

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