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As the Resistance movement grew the demand for weapons increased. One possibility was to "borrow" weapons from the army arsenals. An other was to start a weapon production. The lack of sub machine guns was extreme, and many of the groups established their own weapon shops during the last two years of the German occupation.
The production of weapons often took place in small and narrow cellars in apartment houses with only space for one or two persons. There was always a high risk that an informer lived in the place. Often they had to move out very fast if a mate was arrested. From the few information available, we try here to describe the conditions the men had to work under, and the results they in spite of that achieved.
It is supposed that the first British STENgun came to Denmark in the spring 1943. The SOE agent "JELLY" instructed several groups in Copenhagen in June-July 1943.
As told, there were only very few STENguns available at this moment. "Holger Danske" had to borrow a copy from "BOPA". All groups had to use subsuppliers for the gun parts. Most of the suppliers did not know about the purpose of the production. The barrels were stolen from the Danish weapon factory "Riffelsyndikatet", that produced the Danish version of the Finnish Suomi sub machine gun for the Danish army, and made repair jobs for the German army.


Frihedsrådets udstilling 1945 - klik for at se mere!From the exhibition in 1945

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