The Pioneers: Chilblain

Carl Johan Bruhn (left) og Mogens Hammer

The first SOE operation in Denmark took place the night between the 27 and 28 of December 1941, and the code name for the operation was: Chilblain.
The agents were Carl Johan Bruhn and Mogens Hammer. They were dropped by parachute near Torpeskov some 60 Km. south of Copenhagen. Bruhn jumped as the first one, then came their equipment and Hammer jumped as the last.
Bruhn's parachute failed and he was killed. Hammer landed safe, and after a long search, he found the mutilated body of Carl Johan Bruhn. Hammer had to give up finding the equipment incl. the Wireless Transmitter, which was found by the German Police the next day. Hammer made his way to Copenhagen and stayed for some time at friends.
In the equipment Bruhn and Hammer brought 12 pistols (unknown models) for the incipient Resistance. This was intended to be the very first weapons supply made by SOE to Denmark. The pistols were too found by the Germans. Bruhn and Hammer were quipped with hidden pistols, that could be fired with raised hands, as the trigger on the pistol was connected to the hand by a "Bowden-cable".
The German Police warned all units against this weapon by sending out pictures of the outfit.


Unknown agent



The outfit

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