Danish STENguns: BOPA


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BOPA produced some 200 copies of the STENgun. The production started in a bicycle repair shop south of Copenhagen. This was closed during the winter, and the people involved could work undisturbed for a while, but then they had to move as too many people were curious. They moved North of Copenhagen, and the "cover" here was production of woodburners. As other groups they had to steal the barrels. Testing of the guns took place in a nearby wood. The production manager was Emil Haslund, and at his home there was a small workshop, which too was used as a weaponshop. After the war Emil Haslund and Ejgil Skov Jørgensen from Holger Danske established a machine shop, "Cylinder", in this building.


Frihedsrådets udstilling 1945 - klik for at se mere!From the exhibition in 1945


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